Paradise vue : Return to Paradise

Title Paradise vue : Return to Paradise
Names Kidd, Kathy H.
Card, Orson Scott.
Book Number DBC20447
Title Status Active
Medium Digital Books
Annotation "Paradise Vue: Amy is so bad at keeping house that she can't boil water without it sticking to the bottom of the pan. So when the Bishop calls her to be homemaking counselor, she knows that it's either a joke--or inspiration. Welcome to the Paradise Vue Ward, with stained glass windows so blindingly bright, the congregation has to wear shades. LDS Fiction Adult.
Return to Paradise: Gossip is rocking the foundations of the Paradise Vue Ward, and Amy Hardesty is at the center of it. As the ward newspaper editor, she knows where the bodies are buried - and some bodies aren't happy about it. Chief among them is Norma Jean Forrest, who believes her marriage is endangered by the man-hungry Amy. She embarks on a battle to keep her man, with everyone in Paradise Vue taking sides, and only Amy is unaware that the war is being fought." -- Goodreads.
Narrator Black, Thomas.
Series Paradise Vue - 01-02
LC Subject Latter Day Saints - Fiction
Call Number 813.54 AFI
Language English
Original Publication Recorded from: 2024 Hatrack River ; Sole distributor's, Publishers Book Sales, 1989.Salt Lake City
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